Online education-Pak-Turk Maarif is leading the way

Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges have introduced successful online education system


The use of new tools and technology has been increased in the modern teaching and learning system. COVID-19 forced schools to shift to E-Learning. The importance and scope of Online Education has grown as billions of the students are limited to their homes because of pandemic outbreak and closures of the educational institutions. Different applications and alternative systems are being adopted to cope with the situation and make the students connected with their academic needs. It has given a bit relief to the students as well as the parents.
Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges have introduced a unique and an ideal online education system in this scenario which is a new experience in this field here in Pakistan. They have started this distance learning facility since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak of the COVID-19.Crona has started in Pakistan since last February 2020 and educational institutions were closed from mid-March 2020.
Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges have invested 2 million USD to revamp the entire system and decided to go ahead with a modernized online education system in April 2020 and is the only institution in Pakistan that is providing the excellent online education through adopted the Asynchronous Method and Synchronous Method, which mean that the interaction between students and teachers will be more transparent and productive. This online education system works using Open Learning Management System - LMS Dashboard and Blackboard Collaborate. These tools are being used to facilitate students and teachers for the content delivery. 
Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges academic department is successfully facilitating more than 13000 students with state-of-the-art education through a modernized online education system. Victual classes have been introduced and 1100 teaching staff has been trained and explained for this purpose. Introductory Sessions, seminars and lectures have been arranged by the experts from Turkey for faculty, parents and students. Students information and bio data has been registered and put in the online system. The trained teaching staff is taking classes through the use of LMS Student Dashboard and Blackboard Open/LMS. Some lessons are recorded while other are live sessions with the students. One of the important features of this system is the follow up procedure. It is a both way system. Students are not only being taught their actual text books lessons but they are also able to submit their homework and assignments. Similarly, teachers check this homework and assignment regularly through the system, evaluate and grade the students work. Students can also ask the questions and teachers can answer during the session. System evaluates the attendance of the pupils and students feedback. Teachers can monitor the students while live teaching. Story telling time is also there. Turkish and English languages are also being taught.

These classes schedule starts daily at 9 in the morning till 14:30 in the noon from Monday to Friday. Thus students have been engaged positively at homes in spite of the sitting idle during lockdown. Their minds are busy in studies. The administration says that schedule of such online classes will continue till opening of the schools and normalization. Thus LMS Student Dashboard and Blackboard Open/LMS is being run successfully with 1100 teachers for 13000 students in Pakistan. As for as the parents feedback is concerned, all they are happy and satisfied that their kids are connected with their studies.
The 2nd phase of Blackboard Open Learning Management System has already been started on 8th June 2020 and officially inaugurated has been happened on 18th June 2020 by the participation of the Pakistan’s Federal Education Minister Mr.Shafqat Mahmood, Punjab Education Minister Dr. Murad Raas, Mr.Reha DENEMEC, Turkish Deputy Minister for National Education, TMF President Prof.Dr. Birol AKGUN and TMF Pakistan Country Director Mr.Harunkucukaladagli.They have highlighted the importance of the LMS and shared its features and scope.
Pak-Turk Maarif took lead in revolutionizing the online education system in Pakistan as it remains top priority for the TMF.Blackboard Open/LMS is unique in its features in Pakistan based on modern online teaching and learning education system.Indeed,it is a great blessing for the students and parents during this time of test and trail of COVID-19.This system is not only helping students in their studies but also will assist and support them in their professional career and practical life by using modern technology and tools.

It is worth mentioning here that Turkish Maarif Foundation - TMF is a Turkish state foundation which is currently operating more than 332 schools in over 43 countries for approximately 44,000 students. In Pakistan, as Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges, TMF is operating 27 campuses in 10 different cities. There are more than 13000 students enrolled in the Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges and the number of teaching and non-teaching staff stands at around 1800. In Lahore region, there are five campuses, having around 3500 students with 500 teaching staff. TMF is serving in the field of education since 2016 establish through a special act of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. It is working under the Turkish state umbrella. It is entitled to open schools, colleges, universities, libraries, language centers, hostels and dormitories by the name of Turkish Government. Foundation is also proving generous scholarships to the needy, deserving and talented students across Pakistan. Their graduates are studying in the top rated universities of Turkey and abroad. Every year, thousands of the students are playing their positive role in the society after graduating from these institutions. 
Turkish Maarif Foundation serves as a gateway to international educational arena of Turkey that will contribute to enhancing cultural and civilizational interaction and paving the way for achieving the common wellbeing. As a non-profit public educational foundation, TMF is entitled to run institutions from pre-school to higher education.
 TMF vision is to become a pioneering educational institution nurturing pure-minded people who use knowledge for the peace and welfare of humanity. Its mission is to carry out comprehensive educational activities throughout the world based on the common values of humanity and Anatolian tradition of wisdom. TMF core values are confidence, transparency, cooperation and solidarity, competence and virtue, respect to local values, inclusiveness in education and universality.

                                                                            Akhtar Mir

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