About Us

Who we are?

We are a small group of independent and progressive journalists and writers with vast experience in media. We are not driven by commercialism and commercial interests-instead our journalism is centered on people and their issues. We believe in independent –progressive and impartial journalism. We believe in the ideals of democracy-progressive patriotisms and shared prosperity. We believe in the ideals of equality- freedom-liberty-fairness and opportunities for all. We are against all kind of repression-discrimination and exploitation.   

Our Mission

Our mission at Insight247.news is to create more informed citizens with deeper understanding of events-ideas-society and culture not only in Pakistan but also across the world.
To achieve this- Insight247.news reports-produces-acquires and distributes news-information and other content of highest quality. We believe in quality journalism of highest standards. We believe in public service and cultural expression through journalism.

Our objectives   

  • The main objective to launch this site is to promote, human values, peace, harmony, tolerance and to cut across the menace of extremism, intolerance, hate and violence.
  • To clarify the misconceptions about the Pakistani society and people which were developed over the years because of violence and extremism?
  • To promote positive image of Pakistan and bringing out the best of its people
  • To promote education, reading and learning among its audience and readers 
  • To highlight the everyday problems of Pakistani people and the people around the world
  • To promote citizen journalism to spread awareness about democratic, civic and human rights among the communities
  • To promote the real values, cultures and rich civilisation and heritage of Pakistan
  • To provide national and international news, opinion and analysis with Pakistani perspective
  • To give clear perspective, impartial and independent analysis and views
  • To promote the culture of tolerance, pluralism, civilised discussions and debates in the society.
  • To report the events and news as they unfold without any bias and prejudice.
  • To report and analyse news without having any discrimination against any section of the society on the basis of religion, language, gender and ethnicity
  • To support democracy, human rights, human dignity, rule of law and human and economic development in Pakistan
  • To promote and develop the independent and impartial journalism
  • To provide an independent platform to the new and young writers, columnists and journalists to show and develop their talent and ability.

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