Finally Gambian masses won the battle

Finally the 22 years long rule of  Gambian strongman Yahya Jammeh ended when he flew out the country with his family to settle in Equatorial Guinea. Yahya lost the presidential election last year but refused to hand over power to the victorious candidate Adam Barrow. Yahya took power in 1994 in a military coup from the first president Dawda Jawara. Dawda Jawara elected president after the independence from Britain.

The Senegal led five nation army to topple the strongman and to bring Adam Barrow to the president. The African Union threatened the long serving dictator to leave the office or face backlash from African Union. The mainly Senegalese army entered Gambia to secure the strategic assets and to secure the civilian population. The Senegalese army face little resistance from Gambian army because army chief of Gambian military announced to support newly elected president Adam instead of long serving dictator. 

Thousands of people fled the country on the fear of violence and unrest.The longtime serving dictator was notorious for the abuse of human rights, tortures, brutal use of force and long detentions without charge and extra judicial killings of his opponents. He ruled tiny African nation with iron hand and tolerated not even a slightest of dissent.

Some people are not happy because they were against giving Yahya any assurances and guarantees. All the details of his compromised exit and agreement will come out in next few days. But the Gambian people are happy that after twenty two years of brutal dictatorship, they finally got the democracy back. The new president living in Senegal at the moment will return tonight to take control of his country.

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