Just six out 16 brands of milk safe to drink says PCSIR

The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) declared only six brands of milk safe for consumption. The laboratory tested the 16 brands of milk and found only Olpers, Milk Pak, Day fresh, Good milk and Nurpur original as safe for consumption. These milk brands use Ultra High Temperatures (UHT) method to process the milk. Haleeb is the only brand which is found unhealthy.

The only pasteurized milk brand found suitable and safe to drink is Prema Milk. While nine other brands including Gourmet milk, Acha milk, anhar, Nurpur, Doce milk, Daily Dairy and Adams found not safe for consumption. The PCSIR presented this report in the Parliament through the ministry of Science and Technology.

The Supreme Court already hearing the case about unsafe milk being provided to the consumers. The PCSIR tested the different brands of packed milk in the country on the direction of the Apex Court.

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