Pakistan is less corrupt now says Transparency International

Pakistan improved nine slots in the index of the most corrupt countries in the world issued by Transparency International. Pakistan is the most improved country in South Asian region to reduce corruption in recent years. Pakistan stands at 116 in the index after jumping nine slots. China is the most improved country in Asia. China made twelve point improvement to reduce corruption.

Pakistan now stands at 60th slot in the most corrupt rankings. In 2012, it was at 35th slot. Pakistan made gradual improvement in the rankings in last three years. There is more transparency in Pakistan says the report. There is less corruption at the top now compare to the past. Transparency International compile the corruption index every year on the basis of governance, freedom of expression, Independence of judiciary, transparency in political decision making and the strength of the democratic institution in the country.

New Zealand, Finland and Sweden are still the least corrupt countries in the world. Britain stands at 10th and US at 18th slot in the index.

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