PEMRA, hate mongering and private channels

The Pemra finally did the right thing to ban Amir Liaqat to host a show on BOL TV. Amir Liaqat, a self claimed religious scholar and TV host was using his program to spread hate and baseless allegations against senior journalist, anchors and social media activists. His program on BOL TV became an agenda filled show to settle personal scores against individuals and media houses.

Amir Liaqat and BOL TV defied all the laws, traditions and morality to take revenge from certain people and media outlets. It has become a fashion for electronic media to declare somebody infidel, atheist, anti- Islam, anti-Pakistan, traitor and Indian agent for having different views and ideas then of certain channel or anchor. When the anchors and so-called political and defense analysts on the private news channels fail to challenge somebody with the logic and argument then they resort to hate mongering and hate speech.

This is really sick. The Pemra and the government should act to stop this practice. This irresponsible behavior should not be accepted. The law should take its course in that matter. Some anchors and analysts use the public platforms to peruse their own agenda. If the media can not defame army and judiciary then how  it can defame any respectable citizen of this country without having any substantial proves. In a civilised society no one can be allowed to spread hate mongering and speech. In that matter, Amir Liaqat crossed all limits.

It is the responsibility of the media to provide information and news to people without having any bias and prejudice against any section of the society. Everyone has its own liking and disliking but in the reporting and analysis one should not try to distort facts to fulfill ones own wishes and interests.

It seems that there is no editorial control in the news rooms and studios of the privately owned news channels. These public platforms are being used to pursue personal agenda of the anchors and media owners. Some anchors continuously use derogatory and fowl language in their shows with full freedom and liberty. It is high time for the Pemra, PBA, government and journalist organisations to come together to stop this nonsense in the name of media freedom and free speech. Its the responsibility of the media to present diversified views and ideas of different shades. The media houses should not run their own courts. They should not consider themselves above the law and regulation. Free media is must for democracy and rule of law. But freedom always comes with responsibility and obligations. The media only can enjoy freedom with strong sense of responsibility.

The media should not make mockery of itself to an extend that people lose faith and trust on it. The people like Amir Liaqat use the owners temptation for highest ratings and commercial interests to pursue their own agenda and interests. They use public platforms to promote themselves to an extend where they can exploit public sentiments and opinions. That is what exactly happening in the Pakistani media.

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