Saudi authorities revealed identity of both suicide bombers

The Saudi arabian authorities revealed the identity of both the suicide bombers who blow themselves on Saturday in Jeddah, when security forces tried to arrest them. The Interior ministry also provided details about the arrests made on Saturday in Al-Harazat area in Red Sea port city of Jeddah. Both suiciders were Saudi citizens.

According to the interior ministry, one suicide bomber was identified as Nadi Marzouk Anzi, who was arrested in 2004 on the allegations of having links with hostile foreign elements. He was released in 2006. He went to Iraq and was arrested in 2007 on terrorism charges. He was again released in 2013. He developed links with a cell linked with ISIS.

The other suicide bomber was indetified as Khalid Ghazi al Sherwani. He was among the most wanted terrorist in the country. He was involved in inciting the people against the government on internet. He was playing leading role in the recruitment for Daesh to send them to fight in conflict zones.

The authorities also revealed the arrest of top terrorist linked to this cell. He was harbouring Daesh terrorists and also providing logistic support to its members. He has been identified as Hossam Al-Johani, a Saudi citizen. He was married to a Pakistani women identified as Fatima Ramadan Baluchi.

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