Stop brain drain

One million Pakistanis migrate to different countries legally. Three and a half million (3.5 million) Pakistanis went abroad for employment. Majority of migrants from Pakistan went to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar as laborers to work in different sectors of economy. But many highly qualified professionals like doctors, engineers, IT experts and other professionals left country for the search of better opportunities.

This brain drain is happening for many years. Top professionals and experts opt for different western countries to earn more. The reason is simple. Pakistan has failed to develop a high tech and high wage economy. There is a tough competition for whatever opportunities are available. The rampant corruption and nepotism in both public and private sectors make it difficult for ordinary Pakistanis to get a suitable job according to their qualification capabilities.

The employment abroad is the only option left for less qualified or qualified person to get out the trap of poverty and financial distress. The poor people tried to leave the country illegally and face unthinkable hardships and problems to get to the dream destinations to get job.  Majority goes to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman. Many tries to cross through Iran and Turkey to enter into Europe. Some fortunate people made it but many end up in prisons or immigration detention centers. Some even lost their lives.

At the present, there are nearly 9 million Pakistanis living abroad legally and thousands more living illegally. This number is similar to the total population of small countries in Europe and Africa. These migrant Pakistanis send precious remittances and foreign exchange back home. The migration help to reduce poverty in many areas.

But migration is not the solution of economic disparities, less economic opportunities, corruption, lack of high wage jobs and high growth of economy. Pakistan needs to develop its high tech industries and businesses to create high wage jobs. Without the creation of decent jobs and more economic opportunities for young workforce which is entering the job market every year, it is not possible to stop the brain drain.

Many possible future scientists and experts of different fields left the country. We have not been able to fully exploit our potential in different fields of life.

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