Well done Prime Minister

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  made pleasant remarks while addressing a ceremony at historic Katas Raj temple complex in Chakwal district. Prime Minister made a clear statement regarding the minorities rights and a tolerant society. He said'' This gathering sends out a message to the world that non-Muslims are equal citizens of this country and they are playing a vital role in its progress ''.

He further said'' our religion and our holy Prophet (PBUH) teach us to serve and protect religious miniorities. To serve and protect non-Muslims is a part of our faith. i always feel pleasure to attend the ceremonies of non-Muslims. Our sorrows and pains are common''.

The Prime Minister also lashes out at clerks who forment intolerance, and regretted that such elements distort the teachings of Islam.

Prime Minister made the important point in regard to the tolerant and progressive society. What describe by Prime Minister is not secularism as many religious leaders will take it. But he explains the basic concept of tolerance and moderation. Pakistan officialy is an Islamic state and mere statements can not change it or make it secular one. The problem is that religious right thinks that only they have right to explain what is Islam and what is secularism. Unfortunately, the state suurender itself before the religious right.

If the government and state operatus serious to end religious extremism and terrorism then it is important to take practical steps to make Pakistan a tolerant, democratic and enlightened society. This speech is an indication that government wants to make some progress in this regard. The government should not be bogged down by a small minority who wants to impose their views on the society. This is a welcoming speech and should be appreciated.

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