Pakistan Stock Exchange sets new record

Pakistani Stock Market breaking all records as it index crossed 50,000 points. Pakistani stock market is among the best performing stock markets in the world. It has crossed all the psychological barriers in the sight. But the sky has a limit. The growth in the stock market not always reflect the real growth in economy. Sometimes strong sentiments can drive the market into wilderness but caution should be followed.

The SECP has issued timely warning to the small investors. Small investors always emerged as real losers when stock market dips. The experience in 2005 and 2008 shows this. There is no sign of such melt down or explosion in the stock market at the moment. But daily rise and drop in the index is a clear sign that some brokers are busy in a short buying and selling game. Small investors should always looks for a long term strategy for their investment. The bullish trend will attract short term investment but it is risky.

So SECP should actively play its role to safeguard the small investors from being exploited by some big players. Every one should get fair share in the profits made from the stock exchange and big players never be allowed manipulate the small investors.The rising stock market is a good news for the people who are investing their small savings to earn the daily living.

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