Terrorism has no religion

Pakistani defense minister Khawaja Asif made an important point while speaking at a security conference in Munich, Germany. He made it clear that terrorism has no religion and it is wrong to associate Islam with terrorism. He also condemned the term of Islamic terrorism. Khawaja Asif made the right point in his speech. He said " terrorism is not synonymous to any religion. Terrorists are not Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus. They are terrorists, they are criminals. More than ninety percent of individuals killed by terrorists are Muslims".

He rightly pointed out to stop the use of term Islamic terrorism. This term even associate all those Muslims who are fighting against terrorism and fell victim to it. The western media never tried to understand the emotions and feelings of the ordinary Muslims towards their religion. Overwhelming majority of the Muslims are peaceful,  law abiding and friendly people. They are victims of the policies adopted by the western powers to promote and organise reactionary forces in Muslim societies. The main purpose of this policy  to promote and develop religious extremism and militancy was to crush the progressive, democratic and revolutionary movements of the Muslim societies.

The growth of terrorism and extremism in the Muslim majority countries were not a home grown or indigenous phenomenon. It was developed by Imperialist powers with the help of dictators and military regimes. Ordinary Muslims are not terrorists or extremists. But when terms like Islamic terrorism and radical Islam is being used by western media and government officials, it gives completely wrong message .

Khawaja Asif was brave enough to accept the mistakes made in the past by Pakistani state, but American and western powers hypocritically allege countries like Pakistan for promoting terrorism without accepting their own roles. This policy to target ordinary Muslims in fact directly played into the hands of terrorists and hard line extremist groups and organisations. The west should realise the impacts of their false policies. They must accept that their flawed policies to fight against Communist influence created this monster. They should share the responsibility instead blaming the others.

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