Trump in Middle East

It is no surprise that president Trump choose Middle East and specially Saudi Arabia and Israel as first countries to make his maiden foreign visit. It was a conscious decision. he wants to give a clear message to world that Saudi Arabia and Israel is still the closet friends and allies in Middle East. He made it clear that his policy is to isolate and target Iran. President Trump never hide his disliking of Iran.

He wants to ensure the Saudis that his policy regarding Iran is completely different that of president Obama. The Saudis were not very happy with president Obama's policies. The Saudis never appreciated the rapprochement policy towards Iran. The Saudis were not happy that American tactics and strategy in Syria. The relationship was bit strained.

President Trump got red carpet reception in Saudi Arabia despite the fact that he targeted Muslims in his campaign. He issued the executive order to stop the entry of citizens from  7 Muslim majority countries. He refused to accept a separate Palestinian state and announced to support single Israeli state. No Muslim leader present in the summit mentioned Palestine or Kashmir issue. No body dared to ask the American president to change its policies in Middle East which brought wars, conflicts and instability in the region. They all listen and cheer the lecture of the American president to isolate and target Iran.   

President Trump make it clear that he sides with Saudi Arabia against Iran. President Trump made best deal to Saudis to buy American military hardware. He signed $110 billion worth of deal to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia in next 10 years. it means Saudi regime will spend nearly $11 billion per year to purchase American weapons. This amount is more than the total defence expenditure of Pakistan. Now the question is why the Saudi regime need this pile of weapons. The answer is simple. to use it in Yemen and if necessary in Syria. This clearly means that civil wars and armed conflict will continue both in Yemen and Syria.

President Trump made a poisonous speech in the Arab- Islamic- America summit in Riyadh. He declared Iran as the main sponsor of terrorism in the region. He declared Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist organisations. There was no mentioning of Israeli occupation and state terrorism carried out by Israeli state.

There is no doubt that the aim of Trump's visit and Arab- Islamic summit was to send a clear message to Iran that change your policies or face the consequence. The message is clear to stop supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Assad regime in Syria. The message is clear that accept the hegemony of US and Israel and give up the resistance.

The policy to isolate and target Iran will bring more destruction in the region. The proxy wars and armed conflict will intensify. Israel will emerge as the real winner in this sectarian war to dominate the region and to protect interests. The masses will continue to suffer as no end to this madness is seems in sight.

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