Hung Parliament as Conservatives fail to won the majority

The British elections produced a hung parliament. No opinion poll was able to see a hung parliament. One opinion poll after the other give comfortable majority to Conservative Party. Just one day before the elections, all opinion polls were giving at 80 seat majority to Conservatives. The Conservative Party got 316 seats, 10 short of a simple majority to form the government. It got 13.59 million votes which is around 42% of the votes.

Only the exit poll spot it and projected a hung parliament. Theresa May went to polls with the hope of getting majority and a fresh mandate to negotiate the Brexit with European Union. But election night shattered her dream. Her dream actually turned into a nightmare. Now she will be under pressure to resign. Her gamble of holding snap election backfired.

Jeremy Corbyn, the radical labour leader emerged as the real winner. Even though he failed to get the majority or even to get enough seats to form a coalition government, he has proved the point that he is the most popular leader among the working class and youth. He has increased the votes and seats of the labour Party. He has emerged as a real opposition leader. He proved that it is possible to gain popularity on the basis of a radical, anti austerity and pro people program. Labour Party got 12. 84 million votes and 40% share of the votes.

SNP lost seats and votes in Scotland. Both Labour and Tory party made gains. Scottish National Party (SNP) saw two its most prominent parliamentarians lost elections. Alex Salmonds, former first minister, leader of the party most prominent parliamentarian lost to Tory candidate.

UKIP lost its only seat in the parliament. Its vote bank also shrank. UKIP has lost its image as an anti-establishment party and many working class voters turns away from it. The right wing voters preferred Conservative Party over UKIP to make it sure that Labour could be defeated.

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