Kabul bombing left 90 dead and 300 injured

The truck load of explosives exploded in the posh area in Afghan capital Kabul left 90 dead and 400 injured. The bombing took place in the high security zone of the capital . This is one of the deadliest attacks that took place in Kabul. The bombing took place near the German embassy. Most of the embassies are situated in this area .

No group has so far claim responsibility for this attack. Militant group ISIS claim responsibility of the two previous attacks. The terrorists choose the busiest area at a rushy hours to cause maximum damage. nearly 50 vehicles including cars were destroyed in this bombing.

The security situation is getting worse in Afghanistan as Taliban increased their attacks. This is third major attack in Afghanistan in recent period. The militants has so far targeted the military hospital in Kabul and a military base in Northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

This attack once again raised serious questions regarding the security measures in capital and other important places. This seems to be a serious security lapse as truck loaded with explosives reached in the high security zone.

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