Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ousted by Supreme Court

The Five member bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a unanimous decision. The Supreme Court ousted third time prime minister  on the allegation for not declaring his chairmanship of Dubai based company FZE Capital owned by his son. The Supreme court in its judgment found prime minister  guilty of not declaring in his nomination papers his salary of 10,000 AED ( approx $ 2800), that he never received  . Supreme court invoked the article 62 and its sub clause 1-f to remove him from the office and his disqualification as member of parliament.

The two learned members of the bench disqualified prime minister in their 20th April judgment but other three members disagree with them and decided to form joint investigation Team known as JIT. The JIT submitted its investigation report to three member implementation bench on 10th July which subsequently heard both sides and reserved its judgment on 20th July. Finally on 26th July, the three member bench also draw the same conclusion and  disqualified the prime minister.

Nawaz Sharif relinquish his office soon after the decision. There is no chief executive and cabinet in the country at the moment. The Parliament will elect a new prime minister next week.

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