What Nawaz Sharif wants to achieve?

The opposition parties, anti PML-N commentators, analysts and anchors are raising questions regarding the motive and main purpose of GT Road march of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. The PTI has already declare this activity as an attempt to undermine the authority of the Supreme court and to put pressure on NAB and accountability court. The pro-establishment analysts consider this move as an effort to malign the army . Whatever the opposition and opponents are saying against this rally or rather march from Islamabad to Lahore via GT Road. The matter of fact is that this march or rally has three clear political objectives.

One is to gave clear message that he has been disqualified from premiership and as party president through a Supreme Court judgment, but nobody can keep him away from PML-N workers and supporters. He wants to gave clear message that he might not be able to contest election and become prime minister but he will be active part of politics. He will not quit the politics and continue to lead the party as leader. He wants to gave clear message to his workers and supporters that he is not going any where and will continue to defy the opponents. He will remain among the masses and continue to fight. 

Second aim of this whole exercise and activity is to raise the moral of the party cadres and supporters. He knows that 25 national assembly constituencies are key which falls on the both sides of GT road from Rawalpindi to Lahore. There is no doubt that the moral in the ruling party was very low before the Supreme Court judgment but the reasoning of his disqualification turned this desperation and demoralisation into anger and determination to continue the struggle against all odds. The aim is to charge the party cadres and supporters for the upcoming general elections. It is clear that main  aim of this whole exercise is to keep the party lively and kicking.

Third aim of this activity is to convey the message to the party caders, supporters and activists that if Nawaz Sharif sentenced in the corruption charges and put in the prison. It will not be for corruption or misuse of the authority but because of his defiance. His message is clear that he has been ousted not on corruption charges but for his stance on civilian supremacy. He is posing himself as the champion of civilian supremacy and rule of law. He is taking a clear stance against establishment. He is preparing the party for any unwarranted situation.

I think he has achieved all three aims and objectives so far. PML-N has adopted a long term political strategy to strengthen the party and to garner maximum support in the North and Central Punjab for the next elections. The main focus will be to keep the party party united and to avoid defections. The show of strength in Lahore will be focused  on NA -120 by elections. Lets see and wait for the future developments before the general elections that will determine the final outcome of the next general elections

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