City 42 news survey gives 15% lead in the by-election

City News Network (City 42) released results of their survey. They organised voting in 156 wards of 20 union councils of NA 120 national assembly constituency in downtown Lahore. More than 13,000 voters cast their ballot in this exercise. 55% voters favoured Begum Kulsoom Nawaz of PML-N and 40% favoured Dr.Yasmeen Rashid of PTI. Only 3% showed their intent to vote PPP candidate Faisal Mir. While MML backed Sheikh Yaqoob got 1% votes and JI candidate Zia-u-Din Ansari less then 1% votes.

This survey confirmed the results of our own N&A news survey conducted couple of days ago. The only difference is that City 42 survey gives 5% more votes to PTI than our own survey.

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