22 killed scores injured in Iranian protests and clashes

22 people have been killed and scores injured in the country wide clashes in Iran. The protests entered into second week as government crackdown failed to silence the protestors. The security forces have so far arrested hundreds of mostly young people.  The Iranian government is accusing its enemies for creating chaos and instability in Iran. Iranian Supreme leader Khamenie accused west for causing unrest and chaos in Iran.  Mostly unemployed youth, workers and students are spearheading the protest movement. Most of the clashes took place in Zahdan, a city in Sunni dominated province bordering Pakistan. The angry protestors clashed with security forces and attacked some police stations. 

The protests started against price hike, unemployment and corruption in the second largest city of Mashhad and spread to other cities and towns. The protests are small in numbers compare to the 2009 protests but widely spread out. Even the protests are taking place in small towns and rural areas. Now the protestors are demanding to end the theocratic rule,  more democratic rights and political freedoms.

No end seems in sight as violence flare up. The regime is determined to use the repression and brutal force to quell the protests. on the other hand, the young people and students seems determined to challenge the theocratic rule. Iran is heading towards instability and chaos.

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