American educated and trained leaders ruling Afghanistan

It is generally believed that only the religious fanatics and extreme right wing conservative sections took part in so-called Afghan Jihad. The matter of fact is that anti communist liberal and secular sections were also part of this reactionary movement against communist government in Kabul.  American Imperialism started to develop the present liberal and pro-capitalist Afghan leadership in 1970s and 1980s, who took power after the 2001 Afghan invasion of U.S forces. It has been 40 years since the US started working on its Afghan project to invest in Afghan youth. The CIA educated and trained its local collaborators long ago. The main aim of this project was to develop highly educated and westernise leaders to serve the American interests in Afghanistan.

The present Afghan ruling class consists of pro American liberals, right wing religious leaders, tribal chiefs and communist era state officials. Many high level officials changed their loyalty after the toppling of Dr. Najeeb's government in 1992. Many communists change their hearts and minds after the collapse of Soviet Union. The anti imperialists and anti capitalists becomes pro imperialists and pro capitalists. Many of them joined the Afghan government installed by the U.S after the defeat of Taliban government.     

Some of its first recruits, through programs like the Peace Corp and enrolment in the American University of Beirut, were Zalmai Khalilzad, Hamid Karzai, Ashraf Ghani, Farooq Wardak, Azizullah Ludin, Yousuf Pashtun, and Anwar Ahadi, who have headed the Afghan government and other key positions of power since 2001. Hamid Karzai was handpicked by the U.S to lead the Afghan administration after the defeat of Taliban government. Ashraf Ghani, Zalmai Khalilzad and others played key role in the planning and policy making of the Hamid Karzai led government. Now Ashraf Ghani is the President of Afghanistan. 

 In 2002, U.S started fresh programs to train the Afghan youth to serve the direct American occupation. U.S launched Fulbright Program to send the future leaders and leading experts to foreign universities.   Afghanistan is the highest recipient of this scholarship currently, and Leadership Program International Visitor.

In addition to the prominent collaborators mentioned above, there are fresh leaders and technocrats like Amrullah Saleh, Hanif Atmar, Nader Naderi, Javed Ludin, Asad Zamir, Wahid Omar, Siddique Siddiqui, Sima Samar, Dadfar Spanta and others. After decades of investment, today, the US has enough of these civilian bureaucrats, technocrats and experts to run the government in Afghanistan.

 Many communist era officials change their loyalties and hearts and sided with different reactionary war lords. Hanif Atmar, one of the most important figures of the current government, was an infamous torturer and killer of revolutionaries and intellectuals during the communist era. Farid Mazdak, Noor ul Haq Oloomi, Mohammad Gulabzoy, Dastgeer Panjsheri, Abdullah Shadan, Shahnawaz Tanai, who was the Defense Minister in the Soviet, backed Afghan government but joined hands with the infamous reactionary militant warlord, Gulbuddin in a coup attempt, Khalil Zimar, and others. Writers like Latif Pedram, Rahnaward Zaryab, Partaw Naderi, Wasif Bakhtari, and others, also followed the same path and are still serving the US puppet government today.

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