Philippine decided to stop sending domestic workers to Kuwait

The labour ministry in Philippines announced to stop sending workers to Kuwait. This decision was taken by the Philippines government after the reports of abuses and torture inflicted on Filipino domestic workers. Some Filipino workers committed suicide after facing torture and sexual abuse. There are some 2, 50,000 (two hundred fifty thousand) Philippines workers in Kuwait and mostly working as domestic servants.

President Duterte said he was aware of many cases of sexual abuse endured by Filipino women and wanted to raise it with the Kuwait government and “state the truth and just tell them that it’s not acceptable anymore”. The sexual and physical abuse is a huge problem faced by the female domestic workers in Gulf countries. UAE is the only Gulf  country which updated the labour laws to stop abuse and violence against female domestic workers.

 According to the international media reports there are more than 2.3 million Filipinos are documented as working abroad. Millions depend on the remittances sent to them from different countries.  Collectively they remit more than $2 billion of their income back to the Philippines every month, money that fuels robust consumer spending in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

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