Rich tribute paid to Munnu Bhai

The speakers paid rich tribute to great columnist, play writer and progressive intellectual Munnu Bhai in the condolence reference organised by Struggle publications in Pak Tea House Lahore. The speakers not only give details of personal accounts with Munnu Bhai but also elaborate  the contribution made by him towards journalism, literature, drama and society. Imtiaz Alam, Farrukh Sohail Goindi, Ilyas Khan, Bilal Ahmad, Jawad Ahmad, Dr. Lal Khan, Sajida Mir and Abid Hassan Abid spoke in the reference and paid homage to great Munnu Bhai. Munnu Bhai was member of Struggle group and wrote columns for fortnightly Class Struggle for more than 10 years. Munnu Bhai was a true Socialist who stood firmly for the rights of poor and marginalised sections of society. He used his columns to spread progressive ideas and raised the voice of poor masses.

His writings will continue to guide us in the most difficult times. He was a great human being who served the humanity. His services will be remembered.

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