Samsung becomes biggest chip maker in the world

Samsung becomes the leading chip maker in the world. Samsung overtakes Intel as the biggest semi-conductors makers in the world. The South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics gained the most market  share and take the number one position from Intel. Intel has lost its top position for the very first time since 1992.

The total global market for semi-conductors grew by 22 percent to $419 billion in 2017. This growth is fuelled by the increase in the sale of smartphones and other connected devices. Samsung's sales jumped by 52.6 percent to 61.2 billion dollars, giving it a market share of 14.6 percent. Intel's sales, on the other hand, grew by 6.7 percent to$ 57.7 billion, or a market share of 13.8 percent. Booming demand for memory chips was the main factor driving growth in the semi-conductors market.

Memory cards accounted for more than 66% of all semi-conductor revenue growth in 2017. There is boom in the memory business and prices have also gone up due to the shortage in the supply.

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