PTI is likely to win N.A 154 Lodhran by election

PTI is likely to win the Lodhran by election on 12 February. PTI candidate Ali Tareen, the 27 years old son of disqualified leader Jahangir Tareen is leading with comfort majority. Ali Tareen is a graduate from Oxford University Britain. He is a new entrant in the electoral politics. PTI criticise other parties for promoting dynastic politics but in this constituency its following the same practice. Jahangir Tareen was the secretary general of the PTI before his disqualification. He is a billionaire  and among the richest people of this country.

In 2013 general election, Jahangir Tareen was defeated by the independent candidate Siddique Baloch who later joined PML-N. Jahangir Tareen won the by election when election tribunal disqualified Baloch in 2015. Jahangir Tareen won the by election with huge margin. 

PML-N candidate is facing problem in the campaign as the government failed to fulfill  its promises. The other problem is that the main candidate of the party Siddique Baloch refused to contest the bye election . His son is also not in the run as he wants to save his energy for the upcoming general elections.

Both The federal and Punjab government made many promises and announcements to start development work in the district but nothing really materialised. Now the PML-N is facing problems in the campaign.

                                                         N&A news reporter

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