Apple will be worth $2 trillion in next two years

Apple inching closer to become first $2 trillion Company

Despite the fears of US-China trade war fall out-US technology giant Apple continue to grow its revenue and profits in 2019. Apple is now worth $1.4 trillion. Apple is expected to report revenue of $88.1 billion, a rise of 5% and a profit of $20.1 billion for the holiday quarter.

In August 2018, Apple’s market worth crossed $one trillion for the first time. The market experts and analysts believe that if the company succeeded to keep the growth rate for next two years-it will become the first company to reach $2 trillion worth.

According to market analyst Dan Ives prediction “We believe by the end of 2021 Apple has potential to be the first $2 trillion valuation given the 5G tailwinds and services momentum potential over the coming years. Apple share could touch $400 by the end of 2021. ” Apple share is currently trading at $309.
Some market experts are still expressing fears around the sales of IPhones in Chinese market. There are also concerns around the spread of Coronavirus in China that might impact the growth in China.  IPhones are still the largest source of revenue for Apple. 

The greater China market (mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Apple’s third largest after the U.S. and Europe, will be under the spotlight, too, as political and economic uncertainties in the area remain a major risk factor for Apple’s bottom line.
Analysts expect sales in greater China to rise 11% from a year ago to reach $14.7 billion for the holiday quarter.
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