Dangerous escalation

Iran hits back at America

War will bring destruction and loss of human life

First- US killed top Irani general in a drone strike near Baghdad international airport. General Qassem Suleimani was the commander of Al Quds force (a branch of powerful Revolutionary Guards). American action escalated the tension in already volatile and unstable Middle East region. American administration knew well that Iran will take General Suleimani's killing as an act of war but president Trump still ordered his killing. This US action has once again brought the both sides on the brink of a war. The tensions reached to new heights. 
Iran has struck back, hitting at least two American bases in Iraq with ballistic missiles. The targets were the two American military bases in Northern Iraq in Irbil and Al Asad. Irani military fired more than dozen missiles on these bases-hosting the military personnels from US. Irani state media has claimed that 80 american has been killed in these strikes. The Irani retaliation will now take the both the countries much more closer to a military conflict and war.
The consequences of a possible war would be catastrophic for the peegion. People of Iran-Iraq and the region will face destruction and loss of human lives as the result of war. War always causes enormous damage to infrastructure and human life. War bring human misery and destruction on wider scale. War itself solves nothing. War is just the reflection that issues and conflicts could not be resolved in a peaceful manner through negotiation and dialogue.
President Trump has brought the Middle East on the brink of another war. President Trump might have satisfied his own ego and showed the reach and  might of US military power- but his action might trigger a new war. President Trump is responsible for this dangerous escalation.The American actions could destablise not only Iraq but also the much of Middle East. 
It is the high time that world powers must intervene to stop this march of madness. China -Russia-France-Germany and Britain should intervene immediately to stop the war. They should act before it is too late. They should stop President Trump from imposing an all out war on Iran. The people in Middle East needs peace-stability- prosperity-jobs and economic development not the war and destruction. They need better living conditions and public services not the bombs-missiles- bullets and drone attacks. Let them live like normal people.   
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