Taliban claimed to hit American military jet in Ghazni

Taliban claimed to hit American military jet in Ghazni

American military has refuted Taliban claim

(As we reported earlier that a civilian plane has crashed in Ghazni province in Afghanistan. But the latest details now confirmed that it was a military jet). 

 Afghan Taliban has claimed the responsibility to hit an American military jet in eastern province of Ghazni. Most of the rural areas are controlled by Afghan Taliban. According to the Reuters news agency – Taliban has claimed to bring down a military jet in which everyone on board believed to be killed.   The US military is investigating the crash of its military jet.

A Taliban spokesman said that the aircraft’s crew and everyone on board, including what he claimed were high-ranking officers were killed on the spot. According to the Russia Today (RT) there are some unverified claim includes a suggestion that the officers belonged to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). But these reports and claims need to be verified and confirmed that high ranking military or CIA officials were on board.

The US military sources so far have confirmed the crash of its military jet in which 10 people were on board. But military sources denied that the plane was shot down by Taliban.

The videos and pictured of a crashed aircraft emerged on Afghan media. It appears to be the Bombardier/Northrop Grumman E-11A — a surveillance and communications plane, employed by the US Air Force. The wreckage features distinctive markings used by the US military. 

A spokesman for the US force in Afghanistan, Col. Sonny Leggett has tweeted that a military plane has gone missing and further details will be provided later.

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