Unemployment is the most important issue for Pakistanis

Unemployment is the most important issue for Pakistanis

79% Pakistanis are not satisfied with economic situation 

According to the survey conducted by an international marketing research firm IPSOS- 30% of respondents, unemployment was the most worrying issue while another 29% said increase in inflation was the most worrying issue for them. Burden of additional taxes was the third most worrying issue, followed by increase in poverty, lack of health facilities and increase in terrorism.

The most alarming result of this survey is that   only 3% of respondents said they were very satisfied with the present economic situation and another 18% said they were fairly satisfied. The remaining 79% were either fairly dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the economic situation in Pakistan.

The other disturbing fact of this survey is that only 21% of Pakistani respondents said the country was heading in the right direction while the remaining 79% said it was going in the wrong direction. The perception remained unchanged as compared to the August 2019 survey.

The people have lost hope in last one year according to the survey as People did not have hope of any improvement in their personal finances in the next six months. Only 9% agreed that their overall quality of life would improve in the next five years, showing diminishing hopes among the people.

 According to the findings of this survey-the rising inflation- price hike- unemployment and increasing poverty are the most worrying issues for the respondents as all depicted poor economic management of the country has pushed millions into the poverty.
                                                        Rukhsana Manzoor 

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