American corporate media bias and Bernie Sanders

Why American corporate media ignoring Bernie Sanders?


Since the rise of Bernie Sanders as a leading democratic socialist leader in U.S- the American corporate media has adopted a strategy to black out and ignore him. They only mention Bernie when there is a bad news. They did it during the last primaries in 2016 when Bernie posed a serious challenge to the darling of Democratic establishment Hillary Clinton. The corporate media is doing it again.
For American right wing and liberal corporate media – the real news from New Hampshire was not the win of Bernie Sanders but the rise of third placed Amy Klobuchar. The reason is that corporate media hates left ideas and Bernie Sanders is making democratic socialism popular in US. So for the corporate media-his victory in a primary is not big news. First they promoted the former vice president Joe Biden when he lost his charm with Democratic voters-the media choose Pete Buttigieg and now Amy.
The media don’t want us to know that Bernie Sanders is the most popular democratic candidate at the moment. His radical left wing and anti- corporate ideas are not popular with corporate media. So they use every opportunity to tarnish his image.

The corporate media continue to attack Bernie for his radical pro-working class ideas. The right wing corporate media don’t want to hear about healthcare for all. Cancelation of student debts- increase in corporate taxes- more money for social security and welfare programs- cuts on defence spending and end to wars- $15 per hour minimum wage and policies to encourage unionization and collective bargaining. The problem is that Bernie Sanders stands for all of this.

He represents the interests of American working class and middle class people. The other leading candidates represent the interests of different sections of ruling class and corporate America.      
The corporate media only wants to hear that everything is perfect with capitalism and neoliberal free market economic policies. For them capitalism is the only reality and viable economic system. The corporate media attacks Everyone who expose the capitalist greed- exploitation and inequality-and advocate socialism as the alternate to capitalism.
For corporate right wing media- Socialism is dead. Socialists are the monsters that drink the blood of babies. Socialists are tyrants that kill people for fun. They bring out the old stories of Stalin and Mao massacring millions of people. They told us tortures- iron certain and one party authoritarian rule.

But they never tell us that Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist and believes in democracy. He never endorsed authoritarian and totalitarian policies and practices. He is part of democratic structures for nearly 40 years. He wants more democracy and more rights for the people. He wants to democratise the American state and economy. He wants a government that works for the 99% instead of 1% elite. He wants an economy that works for 99% instead of 1%.

He doesn’t accept money from big corporations and investors. He relied on the small donations of his working and middle class supporters. He is not the candidate of big corporations- rich elite and big business. So the corporate media occasionally attacks him and mostly ignore him. 

Incredibly, CNN- Fox news- Reuters and other media outlets deliberately excluded Bernie Sanders name in their headlines after the New Hampshire results were announced. They mention all other candidates for one reason and the other but ignored the winner of this primary Bernie Sanders. American corporate media unfairly treat Sanders. Corporate media has clear bias towards Bernie Sanders.  
Sanders’ victory was overshadowed by media pundits trying to console themselves as their favorite narrative of the democratic socialist’s supposed electability problem was dealt a serious blow.
The Vermont senator has now won the popular vote in both the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. Well, you’d barely know it from the headlines or listening to the pundits on the cable news networks.
Remember all those commentators who insisted that Hillary Clinton was the real winner against Donald Trump in 2016, because she won the popular vote? Oops! It looks like in 2020 we’ve gone back to the popular vote being irrelevant again, because a socialist candidate is leading the pack. Come on, keep up.
Meanwhile, through multiple gaffes and major controversies, the same media has drilled it into Americans’ heads that former Vice President Joe Biden is the one true “electability candidate.” Maybe now that Biden placed a calamitous fifth place and fled the state before the polls had even closed they will finally give up that electability” lark?
                                         Khalid Bhatti


  1. Immigrants in USA would be in favour of Hillary again as democratic presidential candidate in Nov.,2020.


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