Bernie Sanders won Nevada

Thumping victory of Bernie Sanders in Nevada caucus

Democratic Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won Nevada caucus with clear majority. It was a landslide victory for Bernie. Only 60% results have been released so far by Nevada Democratic Party.  He has so far won 39.93% votes popular vote. Former vice president Joe Biden got 18.8% and was distance second. Pete Buttigieg was third with 18.1% so far. Senator Elizabeth Warren was fourth with around 12% votes. 
This is third straight victory for front runner Bernie Sanders. He won closely fought battles at Iowa and New Hampshire states. But this time he won it easily. He focused this state with many volunteers and financial resources were poured in. 
This victory will further cement Bernie Sanders status as front runner presidential candidate. He is so far leading nationally against all the other presidential candidates for nomination. 
 It is likely that he will win all 07 national delegates for National Democratic Convention NDC). After this victory- Bernie has become the leading candidate with most national delegates so far. Pete Buttigieg is closely behind at two.
Votes displayed are county convention delegates. County convention delegates determine how many national pledged delegates each candidate will receive.

Bernie Sanders3,56346.64%
Joe Biden1,47019.24%
Pete Buttigieg1,17515.38%
Elizabeth Warren78510.27%
Amy Klobuchar3454.52%
Tom Steyer2883.77%
Tulsi Gabbard40.05%
Michael Bennet20.03%
Andrew Yang20.03%

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