First urban forest inaugurated in Karachi

Bilawal Bhutto inaugurated Urban forest in Karachi

Bilawal Bhutto has inaugurated the first urban forest in Pakistan.  “This People’s forest will only progress and be a success if the people will contribute to it,” he said in his inauguration address. “I request Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah and Sindh government to give Lyari People’s stadium back to the people and ask the authorities who were there for security reasons to evacuate it,” he said.
He requested the people to participate in the initiative to donate, sponsor and help the government ensure its completion. “History will be written in Karachi, when this project, the biggest urban forest, completes in Lyari and Malir,” he expressed.
This urban forest will be one of the largest in the world. This forest will be planted along the Lyari River over an area of 26 kilometers.  Only environment-friendly trees that bear fruits will be planted in the forest.
The first phase of the project will be initiated at the bank of the Lyari River, while in the second phase the urban forest will be planted along the Malir River. The recreational facilities for the citizens will also be provided as part of the project. There will be small playgrounds for children as well as a jogging track.
Planting an urban forest along the rivers will turn the entire area into an attractive spot for local and foreign tourists. After the successful completion of this project such urban forests will also be planted in other parts of the city.
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