Hamza Ali Abbasi came in support of Zindagi Tamasha

Zindagi Tamasha is not against Islam-Hamza Ali Abbasi  

Hamza Ali Abbasi came to rescue the Sarmad Khoosat directed movie Zindagi Tamasha and make it clear that this film is not against Islam. He has slammed a religious group for blocking the release of the movie Zindagi Tamasha. He argued that the movie is not anti-Islam but those protesting against the movie are exuding intolerance and extremism- which is not part of the Islamic teachings.
A religious political party has announced to stop the release of this movie.  Calls have been made to lift the ban from the release of the movie, as director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat fights for the release of the movie.
Hamza Ali Abbasi who has bid farewell to the entertainment industry attempted to convince that movie Zindagi Tamasha is not anti-Islam but instead, it talks about the respect of religious scholars. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s reaction came in response to the threats issued by disgruntled members of a religious-political party to wreak havoc if the movie is released.
“I won’t take names because I don’t believe in finger-pointing but a certain religious-political group is trying to ban the release of Zindagi Tamasha. I would generally like to request all those that are against the film to first look at the subject matter.
“It doesn’t in any way disrespect Naat Khwans (Naat reciters) or religion in general. It talks about the greater set of responsibilities on religious figures in society, as a result of which they have to impose certain restrictions on themselves,” Hamza said.
He, however, warned that those protesting against the release of a movie are going against the teachings of Islam and stipulated that none of the actors, directors, team members of the film, and censor board officials hold a vile agenda to downplay Islam.

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