Palestine leaders rejected Trump peace plan

Palestine Authority cut ties with US and Israel

The Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has announced to cut all ties with the United States and Israel in reaction to proposed peace plan presented by president Trump. The Palestine Authority will not cooperate with both Israeli security forces and American CIA.

 Mahmoud Abbas told the Arab League emergency meeting in Cairo that “we have informed the Israeli side - that there will be no relations at all with them and the United States including security ties.” Israel and the Palestinian Authority's security forces have long cooperated in policing areas of the occupied West Bank that are under Palestinian control. The PA also has intelligence cooperation agreements with the CIA, which continued even after the Palestinians began boycotting the Trump administration's peace efforts in 2017.

Abbas also said he had refused to discuss the plan with Trump by phone, or to receive even a copy of it to study it: “Trump asked that I speak to him by phone but I said 'no', and that he wants to send me a letter ... but I refused it.”

Abbas said he did not want Trump to be able to say that he, Abbas, had been consulted. He reiterated his “complete” rejection of the Trump plan.
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