Child abuse cases dropped in 2019 but situation is still alarming

Sahil says sexual abuse of minors in Pakistan dropped 25% in 2019

Sahil is a NGO working for child rights and protection in Pakistan in its report of 2019 has said that sexual abuse of minors dropped 25% in 2019 compare to 2018. The scenario of Pakistan regarding child abuse in 2018 was quite alarming. Compared to 2017, child sexual abuse cases increased from 9 cases per day to 12 cases per day in 2018. It dropped to 08 cases per day in 2019. But still 08 minor children were molested every day in Pakistan in 2019 which is quite high. 
The situation is still alarming and needs more concrete measures and actions to control the situation.  
The federal government and provincial governments are introducing measures and legislation to protect the children from sexual abuse. The parliament has recently passed the Zainab Alert Bill 2020 to develop mechanism to save children from abductions and sexual abuse.
According to the report produced by Sahil- in 2019, a total of 2,846 cases of child abuse were reported from all four provinces of Pakistan, as well as Islamabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.
Of the total, 778 were abductions- 405 children went missing- 384 were cases of sodomy, 279 of rape- 210 of attempted rape- 205 of gang sodomy cases, and 115 of gang rape. In addition, 104 child marriage cases were also reported from across the country.
Majority of the victims, 54%, were girls, while 46% were boys. The most vulnerable age group was between 06 to 15 years old. Although children as young as 02 to 05 years old were also sexually abused, the report has pointed out. There were at least 70 cases identified related to pornography. In 2018, a total of 3,832 cases of child abuse were reported by Sahil in Pakistan.

In 2017, as per the report about 3445 cases were reported and the 2018 edition of the report indicated an alarming increase in child abuse cases. There were about 2,321 cases of child abuse in 2007, 1838 in 2008, 2012 in 2009, 2252 in 2010 and 2303 in 2011.
There were about 2,321 cases of child abuse in 2007, 1838 in 2008, 2012 in 2009, 2252 in 2010 and 2303 in 2011.
There are many cases that go unreported due to social taboos. Many families did not report the cases of child abuse on the name of family honour. In some cases-even children remain silent because of social pressures and other reasons.      
Child abuse haunts Pakistani society due to many reasons. There are often chances that the perpetrator might be a family member and the lack of communication gap between parents and their children and their blind trust for family members contributes to child abuse occurring in this society.
The disturbing cases of child abuse in religious seminaries (Madrassas) have been reported in the media in the recent period. Much needs to be done to stop the child abuse in religious seminaries. Protection of the children must be a priority of our government.
The police and other law enforcing agencies need to sensitize on this issue.
                                                                    Rukhsana Manzoor deputy editor  

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