Fascist Hindu mobs attacked journalists in Delhi

Journalists under attack in Modi’s India

Journalists were attacked by RSS-BD and VHP fascist violent mobs for reporting violent attacks in Delhi. Journalists were beaten, intimidated, harassed, and stopped from reporting in North East Delhi.
While journalists in India have always been targeted for their work, under Modi the attackers are much more open, furious, and fearless. They have become increasingly embolden and hostile under Modi government.
The independent journalists and analysts have been targeted by the Hindu fascist groups. They want to silent ever critical voice in India that dares to challenge the reactionary agenda of Hindutva that Modi government is trying to impose.
Modi's supporters blame the international criticism and image problem of him and pinned the blame for it on journalists and other critics, a feeling that continues today. They blame the media and intellectuals for painting negative image of Modi and other extremist Hindu groups.
Since 2002 Gujarat riots, Hindu hard line groups have looked at journalists and media as part of the problem. Modi and his RSS/BD and Sangh Pariwar followers believe "critical media" is interfering with their plans to build a Hindu state.
Three journalists were seriously injured while several others reported threats and harassment by mobs for filming the violence inflicted by angry, young mobs. One reporter was shot and survived, another had his teeth knocked out, and many more said Hindu mobs demanded proof of religion and tried to keep them from documenting vandalism and violence that included people attacking one another with axes, swords, metal pipes, and guns.
Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) issued a warning about India on Tuesday, noting that the escalation of sectarian violence has led to deaths and injuries, and that journalists were now being targeted.

“Over the past two weeks-the protests have become increasingly communal in nature, with some media workers reporting they have been asked about their religious identity, according to reports.”
NDTV said that three of their reporters and a cameraperson were assaulted by “armed mobs” in northeast Delhi and that there were no police to protect them while they worked on a story.
The Times of India photojournalist Anindya Chattopadhyay also narrated his ordeal while covering the mob violence in which he had to cut through crowds to take photos. He stated that: “They threatened to take off my pants to confirm my religion. I then folded my hands and said I was just a lowly photographer. They then gave me a few threats, but let me go.”

Journalists in India are doing their best to cover the violence on the streets of Delhi which has affected the lives of the capital city's Muslim minority. Several Indian reporters wrote personal accounts, stating how they were accosted by mobs and let go only after confirming their religious identity.
In 4 days long mob violence in which Muslim communities were targeted by Fascist Hindu groups   which left 43 people dead and hundreds wounded. The Hindu fascist groups spread hatred and incite violence against Muslim community in Delhi. They chanted slogans of Gooli Maaro (Shoot them) and Hindustan se nikal Jao Leave India) against the anti-CAA protestors. For them-everybody who is opposing the new citizenship law is a traitor and must be punished.    
The experts and journalists say the attacks on reporters covering the riots and censorship of critical content in the aftermath of the violence are a sign of growing intolerance for independent reporting in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist extremist right wing hard line government.
Similar demands for proof of religion were made during 2002 riots in Gujarat, Modi's home state and where he was the chief elected official at the time.

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