Religious group in Islamabad attacked Aurat March

Stone thrown at the march and abuses hurled 

The stone pelting group of men attacked the Aurat March in Islamabad. The attack seems to be religiously motivated and result of the malicious campaign launched against Aurat March on social and mainstream media.
The attackers apparently linked to Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa which were threatening the organisers not to take out the Aurat March. For them it was against Islamic teachings and culture.  The attackers throw stones and chanted slogans against marchers. Some participants of the march got injuries and sent to hospital for medical treatment. Soon after the attack, the police swing into action and controlled the situation.
Aurat March was organised to commemorate the International Women’s Day.  The purpose of the march was to raise the collective voice for the women rights and against the economic and social injustices.  Various women rights groups-left organisations-civil society organisations and human and political rights activists jointly organised the march. The aim was to highlight the plight of women and other gender minorities and raise a voice against the pressing issues of gender-based violence targeting the most oppressed and vulnerable in society.
                                                     Our correspondent in Islamabad 

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