Super Tuesday was a setback for Bernie Sanders

What next for Bernie Campaign after the Super Tuesday?

The Biden’s success on Super Tuesday has raised some important questions. He won 10 states out of 14 on the grab. Bernie could only win 04 states. He narrowly lost in Maine and Texas- which was a setback for him. Massachusetts was another failure.
The most important question is the role of progressive voters. If Biden succeeded to win candidacy to contest against Trump in November then many progressive and left leaning voters might opt to abstain. Right wing-moderates and Democratic Party establishment is rallying behind Biden.
Same thing could happen with Bernie’s candidacy. The sections of right wing and moderate voters might abstain in case of Bernie’s candidacy. The Democratic Party is highly polarised and bitterly divided along political lines.  
It is still possible for Bernie Sanders to win nomination and then presidency. But it will require wider mobilisation of working class people and youth. The left-progressives and trade union movement needs to mobilise in big numbers.      
The internationally known left author - intellectual and political commentator Tariq Ali wrote the following in his Facebook post.

“The DNC did everything possible to defeat Bernie and they have succeeded. Add to this the fear of moderate Democratic voters that Trump might win again. I would have thought that Biden’s candidacy would tenure a Trump victory. I wonder how many will abstain. If Biden takes Warren as a running mate, there might be fewer abstentions.
But what Bernie’s strongly suggests is a loose political coalition to maintain some momentum. AOC’s endeavours are positive, but too closely linked to electoral politics alone”. 

Well known Socialist activists and Seattle  Councilor Kshama Sawant wrote the following.
“The Bernie Sanders campaign needs to avoid the mistakes of not sharply clarifying the differences between his campaign platform for a political revolution and rotten politics that Biden stands for.
Last year-after the primary results, as centre right pundits wrote our reelection campaign off as practically defeated- the so called moderates said our campaign badly needed to tone down if we wanted to win. We won because we did exactly the opposite”.  

“Bernie needs to take the gloves off when it comes to Joe Biden. Bernie has always been reluctant to criticise Biden too harshly, restricting himself to a few mild remarks about Joe Biden’s billionaire donors- his Iraq war vote and his record on social security.
It is time to escalate and make sure voters understand the full truth. Biden has consistently been on the wrong side of the history whereas Bernie has been fighting justice. Biden is is a feeble and uninspiring candidate and Trump would eat him alive”.                                           
The best strategy seems to be for Bernie to go all out against Biden and Democratic Party establishment.
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