Young doctors in Balochistan ended strike

Balochistan government accepted their four demands

After successful negotiations with government ministers- the young doctors in Baluchistan ended their strike and resume duties across the province. The Young Doctors Association announced the province strike on Monday after police action and arrests.
Provincial Agriculture Minister Zamrak Khan Achakzai told a press conference that the YDA has been assured that an inquiry will be held against the persons who resorted to violence against the doctors who were protesting a lack of personal protective equipment. He said a cabinet meeting accepted four demands of doctors and paramedics.
The Young Doctors took the decision to end the strike after government ministers assured them that all their demands will be met soon. They assured them that all their concerns and demands will be addressed soon. Dr Yasir Achakzai, president of the Young Doctors Association Balochistan announced the decision. “We are pleased to announce that we are returning to our duties straightaway,” he told the media.
On Monday, police used excessive force to break up a protest by the young doctors in Quetta. The healthcare professionals were protesting against the lack of protective gear in the hospitals as the country deals with the coronavirus pandemic.
More than 100 doctors and hospital staff spent the night in police stations despite orders for their release. Initial talks between the doctors and provincial ministers failed as doctors demanded stern action against those involved in the incident.

Dr Achakzai told the media that the protesting doctors were raising legitimate demands, but failed to get attention of the authorities concerned. “Frontline soldiers [fighting against coronavirus] are not being provided facilities, which is also putting the lives of their families at risk,” he complained.
Provincial minister Zamrak Achakzai, speaking on the occasion, said: “Doctors play a leading role worldwide, including in Pakistan [in the war against COVID-19]”. He said everyone has the right to raise their voice in democracies. The tragic incident should not have happened at the first place, he said, adding that Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan took notice of the situation at the right time to avert situation from deteriorating any further.

“We have assured doctors that there will be an inquiry against the perpetrators. Their demands are legitimate because doctors are on the frontline [in this war],” Zamrak Achakzai said.
Dr Achakzai said doctors are suffering from coronavirus. “The whole world knows about it, but we are yet to receive personal protection equipment (PPE),” he maintained.
The YDA president further said that the government has assured them of resolving their issues. “Only by trusting the government’s committee and considering the difficulties of the people, we have decided to end our strike.”
                                                             Rehmat Kakar                                        

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