Stranded Pakistanis in UAE broke into Dubai consulate

Thousands of Pakistanis are still stranded in UAE

The Pakistanis stranded in UAE lost patience and protested at Pakistani Consulate in Dubai for delay in their repatriation. The angry stranded Pakistanis in Dubai broke into Pakistani Consulate in Dubai. The angry mob climbed on to the gate and protested the inaction of Consulate officials. Thousands of Pakistani workers are stranded in UAE and they are demanding repatriation back home.
Many companies in UAE have laid off workers due to coronavirus crisis. The construction companies have stopped work on many sites and labour is living in the camp sites. They are desperate to return to Pakistan. There conditions are not good.  They are demanding immediate facilitation pertaining to their repatriation amid the coronavirus crisis.
More than 50,000 Pakistanis remain stranded in Dubai but all of them could not return due to limited flights back home. So far, some 10,000 have flown back to Pakistan over the past two months. Pakistani citizens stuck abroad demanded the government resume normal flights as restrictions on almost all other sectors in the country had been lifted.
According to GEO news, the consulate, however, had asked the expats to be patient and remain assured that the leadership was working fast to make arrangements for their return. The Pakistani government had on March 21 announced that all international flights were suspended to curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
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