Just 25% Americans consider capitalism good for society

More Americans are calling for reforms than ever before

The Harris Poll and JUST Capital, an independent research firm founded by billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, surveyed 1000 people on their thoughts about capitalism in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

More people are calling capitalism into question in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey shows. The survey clearly indicates that majority of American working people are not satisfied with their wages, working and living conditions. The negative sentiments towards capitalism has developed rapidly since the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic and the response of the American capitalist class and government. 

Only 25% of respondents said they believe our current form of capitalism ensures the greater good of society.

More Americans are calling for reform, such as higher wages for hourly and contract employees, as well as health insurance for all workers.
The overwhelming majority of respondents to a recent poll said corporate leaders need to change business policy in response to the coronavirus pandemic, including better pay for essential workers like grocery store staff. 


  For many, this doesn't come as a surprise. Some economists have warned that capitalism would soon face a crisis because of the massive inequality exposed by the pandemic. Some economists and experts have warned about this crisis which has finally arrived. Now, the majority of Americans are calling for change, including paid sick leave and higher wages for frontline workers, the data shows. 
 Temporary hazard pay showed how little grocery employees, food delivery workers, and other essential workers are paid (not to mention that many don't get health insurance). The national closure of childcare centers also laid bare the unpaid work women do in the household. Black people and specifically black women were most at risk of layoffs and furloughs, and were less likely to survive (pay for groceries or rent) without work, according to research from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's nonprofit Lean In.
Some 70% of respondents think companies should offer at least 14 days of paid sick leave to all employees, including hourly and contract workers, instead of going back to more limited leave. And 67% believe companies should keep in place higher hourly pay for employees of essential businesses (for example, grocery store workers and convenience store workers), rather than go back to the lower hourly pay rate in place before the pandemic.
Americans are looking for companies to take the lead on key policy issues like paid sick leave, paid family leave, wage increases, healthcare, and increased flexibility to work from home," the report reads.

The poll also indicated that companies will remember how businesses treated their employees during these difficult times. A whopping 84% said they will remember the companies that did the right thing by their workers by ensuring their health and safety, or by doing their best to avoid layoffs. 
"Americans overwhelmingly agree that we as a society need to use this crisis as an opportunity to fix what's broken and find a better way of living," the report reads.

This survey showed the mood among the American working people badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. This mood is also reflected in the anti-racism and police violence protests that erupted across America after the brutal killing of Georg Floyd in police custody.                                                                                                    
American society has erupted in anger and rage since the killing of African american Georg Floyd.       People are angry because of job losses and livelihood. They are also angry because of continued institutional racism and denial of the ruling elite to reform the power structure. The protest movement and rage on the streets clearly indicates that America need change and radical reforms. 
                                                              Khalid Bhatti 

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  1. It is general Americans who need change in capital system but not establishment who controls all parties


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