Lahore-10 areas under complete lockdown for two weeks

Shahdara, Shad Bagh,  Harbanspura and Gulberg are among the areas under lockdown

Punjab government swung into action on Monday and decided to impose complete lockdown of two weeks in 10 areas of Lahore. The areas include Gulberg, Shad Bagh, Harbanspura, Iqbal Town, Defence and Jauhartown. The government has identified 81 sub areas in 09 towns of Lahore which have high number of infected people. The government will extend lockdown into other areas if infections continue to grow. The lockdown will start from Monday midnight.
Punjab government finally realised the gravity of the situation and decided to take measures to control the spread of coronavirus in the provincial capital. The lockdown will help to contain the spread of infections.
Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid held a press conference in Lahore and said that the provincial government has decided to impose a complete lockdown in some areas of Lahore due to rising coronavirus cases being reported from the city.
She told the media that only food stores and pharmacies are to remain open in these areas. All the other shops and businesses will remain close during that period.
Dr Yasmin Rashid urged people to follow the government’s announced standard operating procedures to stop the spread of the virus and said the government has devised a ‘special strategy’ for areas of the provincial capital from where spikes in coronavirus cases have been observed. Requesting the masses not to spread misinformation regarding the pandemic, she said the entire world was trying to grapple with Covid-19’s effects.
Reiterating the need for precautionary measures, Rashid said the virus’ transmission can be reduced by up to 50pc if people wear masks.
                                                           Rukhsana Manzoor deputy editor

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