Pakistan-More than 3,000 corona infected patients are in critical condition

The number of corona infected patients in the country crossed 1,92,000 

According to the data of health ministry, the number of critically ill corona infected patients in Pakistan has reached up to 3,000. The total number of patients crossed 1, 92,000 while death toll reached 3,903. Pakistan now stands at 13th position in the world in terms of patients. On Thursday nearly 4044 new cases registered. Today’s figure is slightly higher than Wednesday’s count of 3,892, which was the fifth day of declining infections in the country.

According to health ministry, a total of 3,003 patients are in critical condition in hospitals across Pakistan, while recoveries increased by 3,553 to 81,307. The daily fatality count also shot up on Thursday, more than doubling to 148 just a day after hitting a comparative low of 60.
So far, some 1.17 million people have been tested in the country of over 220 million people, with 21,835 tests conducted over the past 24 hours. Health experts believe the falling numbers are due to the locality-based lockdowns — termed “smart lockdowns” by the government — recently enforced in high-risk areas in 20 big cities.
However, some reports suggest it could be because of reduced testing, with daily test numbers falling to less than 25,000 from over 32,000.
Earlier this month, the World Health Organisation advised Pakistan to impose a two-week strict lockdown, declaring the country the second-most vulnerable to the pandemic after neighboring Afghanistan.
The recommendation came as infections skyrocketed when the government lifted its lockdown restrictions of varying strictness in late May, ahead of the Muslim festival of Eid al Fitr.
                                                                            Rukhsana Manzoor deputy editor

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