PTI government dropped petrol bomb on masses

Government increased the price of petrol Rs 25.58 per litre 

The PTI led federal government has increased the petrol prices today. The increase is massive and will hurt the masses badly.  Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday approved a summary of recommendation to hike up the prices of petroleum products "in view of the rising oil prices trend in the global market", with a notification issued to announce the new rates.
The notification stated that the new petrol prices would come into effect immediately.
Petrol prices, according to the recommendation, were increased Rs25.58 per litre. Similarly, the per-liter prices of high-speed diesel (HSD), kerosene oil, and light diesel were recommended to be increased Rs21.31, Rs23.50, and Rs17.84, respectively.
The new per-litre prices of petrol, HSD, kerosene oil, and light diesel, therefore, would respectively be Rs100.10, Rs101.46, Rs 59.06, and Rs55.98.
The revised-up prices are to come into effect at 12am tonight.
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