More headache for PTI government

Two more MNAs from Balochistan threaten to withdraw support

There is no doubt that pressure on the PTI government has intensified further as two more members of National Assembly from Balochistan have threatened to quit the coalition if the promises made with them were not fulfilled within a week.
Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) leader Shahzain Bugti and Member of National Assembly (MNA) Aslam Bhutani blamed the ruling party for not taking their grievances seriously and delaying implementation on their demands.
The announcement from the two lawmakers came as a jolt after Akhtar Mengal-led BNP-M’s decision to part ways with PTI. If both MNAs decided to withdraw the support from the PTI government then the PTI majority in the National Assembly will be reduced to just one.
If this was not enough, the controversial interview given by federal minister Fawad Chaudhry to VOA has once again exposed the infighting within PTI. What Fawad Chaudhry said about power struggle and infighting within PTI, has also been confirmed by another senior leader Ishaq Khakwani.  He has confirmed that Jahangir Tareen was behind the removal of Asad Umar as finance minister. The rivalry between Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jahangir Tareen is a known fact.

Jahangir Tareen is angry with PTI government on the sugar inquiry report. He was one of the closet aids to PM Imran khan and played key role in the formation of PTI led coalition government.
PTI MNAs Sardar Riaz Mazari and Raja Riaz also expressed their concerns on the floor of the house and criticise the government. These are just glimpses of coming political storm. There are many MNAs in PTI who are not satisfied with the government. They are waiting for the right time. To be more precise, they are waiting for change in the mood of the powers to be. They have the ability to change loyalties within no time.
The matter of fact is that the change in mood of powers to be could change everything. The weak, divided and toothless looking opposition will be transformed into a giant force. The strong looking PTI government will be in chaos and cracks will start to appear. The media will become more aggressive and scandals will appear daily.
It is just a beginning of a long process in which many ups and downs will come. Everything was seems smooth before BNP-M announced to quit the coalition government. Then two MNAs from Baluchistan threaten to quit who was silent for nearly two years. Now dissenting voices are coming out from PTI. That is how political crisis from nowhere engulf a strong looking government and can cause serious damage.  
There is no immediate threat to PTI government at the moment. But if the PTI government failed to improve the economic situation and control the COVID-19 pandemic in next few months, then its real troubles will start.
The government’s performance is going to be a crucial factor in the future political development. The time is running out very fast. In its latest prediction, IMF has said that Pakistan’s economy will remain in the negative and GDP growth would be -2% next year. This economist situation would have political consequences.
In the long run, PTI government’s survival depends on its performance and governance. The failure on both fronts would create serious problems for government.
The PM Imran Khan’s stance on 18th Amendment and NFC award will not go well with many legislators. He might face some opposition even from his own party. What Shahzain Bugti and Aslam Bhutani said about 18th Amendment and NFC Award is shared by many.
 Aslam Bhutani said that “we only say respect should be accorded. Ten things may be done while 10 many not come to fruition. We are allies and are independent. For us, all roads are open. If one path does not lead to success, we will choose another. But they must at least accord respect to their own party members," he said, referring to the discussions he had had with PTI members.
Referring to the government's stance of "reviewing" the 18 Amendment, Bugti said he does not agree with it at all. "The 18th Amendment was done after arriving at a consensus with all political parties. The prime minister only has his own PTI views. He cannot develop a consensus for the whole of Pakistan."
Meanwhile, Bhutani was of the view that whether anyone likes the PPP or not but the 18th Amendment and National Finance Commission award were commendable accomplishments on their part.
"The grant for Balochistan in the seventh NFC award was never before witnessed and will probably never again be seen so we will protect it," he said.
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  1. Everybody will receive its cost
    However pti will. Complete its tenure. PPP Cannot come back because of it's small corruptions ignored workers
    .N can get some share may be in panjab or can bargain for their mafia.


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