UAE General Civil Aviation Authority suspended flights from Pakistan

GCCA has asked Pakistan to set up laboratory to conduct corona tests of passengers

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA) has announced a temporary suspension of flights from Pakistan until a laboratory is set up for COVID-19 tests, from Monday. According to GCCA, the move is a precautionary measure to ensure the health and safety of arrivals from Pakistan.
This decision to suspend all the flights from Pakistan comes after 26 Pakistani passengers tests positive in Honk kong. All the passengers travelled on Emirates Airlines and transit at Dubai International Airport.  The GCCA said that passengers on all flights, including transit ones, will not be received at UAE airports until the establishment of a laboratory designated for conducting COVID-19 tests.
The UAE based airlines including Emirates and Etihad already suspended flights operation to Pakistan. This decision will stop PIA flights from Pakistan to UAE. It will cause problems for passengers wanted to travel to UAE.
The authority urged passengers who are affected the decision to contact and follow up with airline companies to reschedule their flights. ould be temporarily suspended. The suspension will stay in effect until a laboratory is set up for relevant tests.
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