Anger and rage in Indian occupied Kashmir against cold blooded murder

Indian occupation forces killed an elderly man in front of his minor grandchild

Some times a picture or a clip becomes more powerful than thousands of words. The picture of three years old boy sitting on the chest of his deceased grandfather killed by Indian occupation forces in Indian occupied Kashmir not only bring tears in ones eyes but also brings out anger and rage. This brutal and cold blooded murder took place in Sopore district of indian occupied kashmir. 
This picture once again exposes the brutality and repressive nature of occupation forces. 
Now the Indian forces are blaming the militants for this killing. 
There is wide spread anger and rage against this killing.  Hundreds of people in Indian occupied Kashmir staged protests, accusing government forces of killing an elderly man in front of his minor grandson.  The family of Bashir Ahmed Khan alleged that he was dragged out of his car after the showdown and shot dead by paramilitary forces.
It is a cool blooded murder committed in bright day light. But no action will be taken against those soldiers and officers responsible for this killing. Indian troops enjoy complete impunity from gross violations of human rights including, killings, rapes and torture. Indian troops in Indian occupied Kashmir violating the international laws, conventions and UN resolutions.

The world powers silently watching the gross human rights violation committed by India in Kashmir.  They are not putting enough pressure on Indian government to force it to lift restrictions including communication blackout. The 10 month long lockdown and restrictions have crippled the Kashmiri economy. The unemployment and poverty are on the rise.
In a desperation caused by the silence of world powers, some young people are taking arms to fight for freedom and against Indian occupation. But majority of young people are engaged in peaceful struggle for their democratic rights and freedom. India has unleashed brutal military forces against young Kashmiri protestors fighting for their legitimate rights.
AFP has quoted the nephew of deceased man as saying that “Locals said that he Nazeer Ahmed Khan was brought out of his car and shot dead by the forces. They told us that someone in uniform then put the child on his chest as he lay dead on the road and took photographs.” The photo of the child sat on the body of his dead grandfather was widely shared on social media.
Hundreds assembled at the man's funeral near the main city of Srinagar shouting, “We want freedom". One can feel the pain and misery of Kashmiri people caused by the continued military occupation and brutal repression.

Modi government has intensified state repression in the occupied valley since a coronavirus lockdown was imposed in March. Since January, at least 229 people have been killed during over 100 military operations across occupied Kashmir. More than 141 young Kashmiri have been killed and declared militants by Indian forces in military operations.
Modi government put the Kashmiri people under complete lockdown in August 2019 many months before the emergence of coronavirus. Kashmiris are living under lockdown since August 2019. Modi government imposed security lockdown and communications blackout in Indian occupied Kashmir to prevent protests during which thousands of people, mostly young men, have been detained.  

Even the teenage boys have been arrested and tortured at torture cells.  Despite the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in Indian occupied Kashmir, the Indian forces continue the detention of young men and boys.  India called itself largest democracy in the world but it continues to deny the basic democratic and political rights to Kashmiri people who are fighting for their legitimate right of independence and freedom. 

                                                                       Khalid Bhatti

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