Why the PTI is focusing on Uzair Baloch JIT report?

PTI is trying to establish direct link between Uzair Baloch and PPP leadership for political purpose

Federal Minister Ali Haider Zaidi on the floor of the house leveled serious allegations against PPP leadership including former president Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur. He alleged that JIT in the Uzair Baloch cases have pointed out in its report that Asif Zardari and other senior leaders were protecting the Uzair Baloch. 
The purpose of focusing on Uzair Baloch JIT report is to single out the PPP as the party who provided protection to mass murderer. It is an attempt to create the perception about PPP that it was involved in the violence in Karachi. It is also an attempt to establish link between organised criminal gangs and PPP. It is an attempt to tarnish the image of Sindh government and PPP leadership. The PTI leaders like Ali Zaidi will continue to throw mud at the PPP leadership to malign them. 
The question arise here that is there something new in the Ali Zaidi's allegations or in the JIT report that hasn't been repeated several times on certain news channels and news shows. The PPP opponents also repeated these allegations many times in the past years.Why Ali Zaidi is so keen to establish the direct link between Uzair Baloch and Asif Ali Zardari? There seems clear political purpose of Ali Zaidi to prove the point that Sindh government and PPP leadership sheltered and protected a spy, hardened criminal and gangster. 
The JIT report circulated by Ali Zaidi as an original report which include the names of some senior party leaders. He showed the same video clips in the press conference which was run so many times by anti-PPP and pro-PTI anchors and analysts. 
When the Sindh government made the JIT reports public, Ali Zaidi in a detailed press conference accused the Sindh government for altering the original JIT report. The new controversy regarding the authenticity of JIT report has developed   since. Sindh government has rejected the Ali Zaidi's allegations and maintained that the only official report submitted to sindh government by the JIT has been made public. 
It is clear that Ali Zaidi is playing politics on JIT report. He is using the JIT report political point scoring. The other purpose seems to be to give the impression that nothing has been done since the JITs submitted their reports. The matter of fact is that cases against different criminals named in the JITs have been under trial in anti-terrorism courts. The baldia Town factory case is at its final stage. 
Uzair Baloch has been handed 12 years imprisonment by a military court in spying case. The other cases against him including murders, extortion and land grabbing are in the process. 
PPP leader and MNA from Karachi Abdul Qadir Patel interrogated by law enforcement agencies while on his return from exile. Now PTI leaders wanted to see Qadir Patel behind the bar because he made some hard hitting speeches against PM Imran Khan and other PTI leaders. PTI wants to settle personal score against Qadir Patel.  
PTI has come out with clear strategy to target PPP leadership to put pressure on it. PTI government is desperately trying to re-negotiate the NFC Award and some articles of 18th Amendment. PPP is opposing any change in 18th Amendment and NFC award. So the pressure will mount on PPP to sit on the negotiation table. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself criticised the 18th amendment and NFC award and wants to change it. 
PTI also wanted to keep the opposition parties divided. PTI government wants to keep the PPP and PML-N pool apart to weaken the opposition. United opposition could pose a challenge to PTI government. So far, opposition has failed to forge unity and to play the role of an active opposition.  If there are questions on the performance of PTI government which is poor so far, the performance of opposition parties both inside and outside of parliament is not impressive either.
JIT reports must not be used to settle political scores. There is something for the state institutions, political parties and local administration to learn from JIT reports. They all have made mistakes in the past which brought devastating consequences for the people of karachi. The blame game is not going to solve anything. All the stake holders should not patronise or protect any criminal gang under any circumstances. 
                                                                             khalid Bhatti 

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