Karachi remains top tax paying city in 2018

 Islamabad and Lahore came behind on second and third place

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and also its commercial, financial and industrial hub. Karachi also has largest ports of Pakistan. With more than 20 million unofficial and 14.9 million official populations, it is the largest contributor in country’s tax collection.

In 2018, Karachi maintained its status as the largest tax paying city in the country. Karachi paid more tax than the combine tax of next four largest tax paying cities.  According to tax analysis carried out by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for the tax year 2018 on the basis of a city-wise breakup, the collection from Karachi amounted to Rs 572.59 billion for the tax year 2018, followed by Rs204.14 billion from Islamabad, Rs200.71 billion from Lahore, Rs35.17 billion from Rawalpindi, and Rs16.26 billion from Faisalabad.


The break-up of the tax collection from the metropolis which was recorded as Rs572.59 showed that Rs9.05 billion was collected from Karachi Central, Rs 34.09 was collected from Karachi East, Rs114.22 billion from Karachi South and Rs28.89 was collected from Karachi West.

Islamabad remained the second-highest tax-paying city as its dwellers and companies deposited Rs204.14 billion during 2018, whereas, Lahore remained at third position as it collected Rs200.71 billion during the tax year 2018.

The collection from Lahore was Rs 180.58 billion; Lahore Cantonment Rs5.27 billion, and Lahore City Rs14.86 billion. Peshawar paid Rs 13.64 billion, while the collection of tax from Quetta stood at Rs 10.05 billion.
However, the income tax collection from return filers in Rawalpindi stood at Rs 35.17 billion for the same period. Multan contributed Rs12.7 billion, and Sahiwal contributed Rs1.77 billion as taxes from filers. The income tax collection from Gujranwala city was Rs7.92 billion.

The FBR collected Rs4.49 billion from income tax return filers of Sialkot. Tax collection from Abbottabad stood at Rs1.61 billion, and the FBR collected Rs2.48 billion in tax from Bahawalpur. The FBR also collected Rs6.35 billion taxes from Dera Ghazi Khan and Rs1.64 billion tax from the income tax return filers from Kohat during the tax year 2018.

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