Gilgit-Baltistan elections- PTI leading on 09 seats, PPP on 07 seats-independents on 03 seats

 PML-N,the former ruling party routed in the election as it just leading on one seat

According to the early results of vote counting in Gilgit- Baltistan  assembly elections, PTI is ahead while PPP is following closely. PTi is leading on 09 seats. PPP on 07 seats. Independents are leading on 04 seats. MWM on 02 seats while PML-N and JUI-F is leading on one seat each. 
PML-N is routed in the elections as it just leading on one seat. PML-N was the ruling party in GB from 2015 to 2020. But half of the former ministers belonging to PML-N change loyalties just before the elections and joins PTI. 
The people in GB prefer to vote the ruling party in Islamabad. The GB looks towards the federal government for funds and development. This place the ruling party in the Centre at advantageous position. In 2009, PPP was in the federal Government so it won 15 out of 24 seats. In 2015, PML-N was in power so it won 16 seats in GB assembly. Now PTI in power so it expect to win most seats. 
But PPP chairman  Bilawal Bhutto Zardari led a strong campaign and posed a serious challenge to PTI. 
                                                                 khalid Bhatti  

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