PTI emerged as single largest party in GB elections but fell short of simple majority

 Independents win 07 seats, PPP 04 and PML-N 02 seats

According to unofficial results, PTI has emerged as the single largest party in GB assembly elections. PTI has won 06 seats and leading on other three seats. PTI could end up winning 09 seats. PTI will need the support of three independent candidates to form the government. It is expected that majority of independents will join the PTI to form the government. It is clear that PTI will be able to form the government without any trouble. 
 PPP has won 04 seats. While PML-N could only managed to win two seats. PML-N won 16 seats in 2015 elections. but in this election failed to defend its seats won in last elections. Nearly half of the PML-N ministers left the party before the elections and majority joined PTI. 
The surprise package in this election is the victory of large number of independent candidates. The independents won 07 seats. It is the first time that such large number of independent candidates won their seats in GB. 
Even though PTI emerged as the single largest party in assembly but this victory is not as dominating as PPP and PML-N has in 2009 and 2015 respectively. PPP won 15 seats in 2009. PML-N won 16 seats in 2015. Both the parties won landslide. But PTI failed to win the simple majority of 12 seats. PTI candidates lost in 13 constituencies. So this victory is not so decisive as PPP and PML-N had. 
The GB Election Commission  hasn't announced a single official result so far. All the results announced by media are unofficial results. 
                                                         Khalid Bhatti 

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