Bilawal Bhutto strongly condemned the nationwide violence of TLP

 Ransacking, vandalising public and private properties could not be allowed to go unchecked says PPP chairman

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari strongly condemned violence in different parts of the country during the last three days. He lamented the violence in "which two policemen among seven people were killed in different incidents".

"This kind of violence, ransacking, vandalising public and private properties and mob-attacks on policemen could not be allowed to go unchecked," the PPP chairman said. This statement came after the three days of violence across country by TLP activists.

Bilawal called for dealing with those involved in violence as per the law. "The government cannot be allowed to abdicate its responsibility. This week’s naked violence shows that the selected regime has dragged the country into a deadly quagmire, where no one is safe ... under the PTI regime, even the police seem to be in need of protection, as the government has abandoned the people."

The party chairman expressed sympathies with the martyred policemen as well as the innocent people who lost their lives in violence in Punjab and other parts of the country and stressed for best possible medical facilities to those wounded.

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